Saturday, 20 November 2010


Our new documentary will be completed in 2011, presented by HBO Central Europe. The film is a combination of wartime-saga, road movie & love story - starring Thomas Beck and Edith Greiman, with original music by Felix Martin & Al Doyle (Hot Chip / Lanark).

Friday, 7 December 2007


Some responses to our 2007 documentary feature "We'll Never Meet Childhood Again":

"This is a very powerful and very moving film... ...It is a reminder of all that is best in human beings and for that reason is very inspiring."
- Tony Benn

"We're thrilled to be screening Sam Lawlor and Lindsay Pollock's debut film at the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival in London. It's always wonderful to discover young documentary filmmakers who find a forgotten story and tell it with drive and compassion, as they have in We'll Never Meet Childhood Again. Lawlor and Pollock are filmmakers with great talent and hearts."
Bruni Burres - Sundance Institute / Former HRWIFF Director

“The struggle for equal rights—particularly the modest desire to live with a hope for tomorrow—is given a heartbreaking voice in We'll Never Meet Childhood Again. …the filmmakers paint a moving portrayal of one society's forgotten souls.”
Rob Humanick, Slant Magazine

“Along with its positive message of support and solidarity with HIV positive children, the film acts as an educational tool, dismissing false beliefs about modes of transmission of the virus. Moreover it explores the children's psychological problems as they grow up and start thinking about having their own families”
Khalid Ali, British Medical Journal

“Debut documentary-makers Sam Lawlor and Lindsay Pollock have focused on profound stories of courage amid the chaos.… heartwarming and heartrending by turns... ...I hope it will have a long and fruitful future at festivals and on televisions across the world. 4 Stars.”
Amber Wilkinson, Eye For Film

“surprisingly uplifting”